Kawasaki Spirits in America

Publish Date2014.07.31

To demonstrate through interviews with five senior executives responsible for manufacturing at KMM, the responsibilities KMM has fulfilled for the local area and its advancements in manufacturing revolving around the axis of KPS.

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A. (KMM)

KMM was established in 1974 as the manufacturing division for KHI’s motorcycle business in the U.S., and became independent in 1981, adopting the name KMM. In 1989, the Maryville Plant was established as a branch plant in Missouri, 210 km away from Lincoln.

Currently, KMM consists of four divisions: the “consumer products division,” the “rail car division,” the “aircraft division,” and the “engine division,” with more than 2,000 workers, including temporary employees, at the Lincoln Plant and 1,100 at the Maryville Plant. KMM itself is not only creating jobs, as the population of Lincoln numbers around 280,000, and Maryville around 12,000, but also does business with 250 local enterprises, making a large contribution to the states of Nebraska and Missouri.

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