Multi-functional Rotary Snowplow HTR300M

Publish Date2015.10.31

Snowplows serve to clear roadways for winter traffic in heavy snowfall areas. In the past, municipalities had to use two separate vehicles: a snowplow truck to push snow to the side of the road, and a rotary snowblower to throw it farther. Nichijo, a Kawasaki Group company, developed the new HTR300M snow machine, which has both the functions of a snowplow truck and a rotary snowblower. This article explains the technology that allows efficient snow removal by replacing the plow at the front of the truck.

Clearing device replaced in just 10 minutes for greater efficiency

Nichijo Manufacturing, a Kawasaki group company, is Japan's leading manufacturer of large rotary snowplows. It was the first in Japan to develop a hydraulic drive system for snowplows.

The HTR300M multi-functional rotary snowplow is Nichijo's latest and most cutting-edge offering. This snowplow allows easily replacing the clearing device at the front of the truck—it can be fitted with either a blade-type plow or a rotary plow. After pushing snow toward the road shoulder with a blade plow, it uses the rotary to blow snow off the road.While these tasks used to be performed by two separate vehicles in the past, the HTR300M was "developed to enable efficient operation according to the amount of snowfall, ultimately saving costs," says Umeda.

Its simple detachable mechanism allows the operator to easily replace the clearing device in a short time. This is a big innovation in snowplows that is actually little known.

Various Applications

High-performance rotary snowplow for airports
Boasts a rated output of 590 kW. Removes 3,100 tons of snow in 1 hour. Excellent for removing snow off runways, taxiways, and aprons
De-icing truck
Sprays de-icing salt and sand safely and accurately with the aid of a computer. Various types available for highways, mountains, etc
Railway motor car
Supports the operation of railways, including Shinkansen, trams, monorails, snowplows, overhead line vehicles, and shunting vehicles.

Variable steering modes to meet any plowing needs

When working with a rotary, the snowplow pivots on a center pin to enable changing directions easily even in narrow intersections.


Features a proprietary power transfer system that distributes engine power efficiently between work and drive systems.


High-torque engine produces enormous power.

Auger (ribbon screw type)

A ribbon screw type auger incorporating the latest in rotary technology is offered as a standard feature. It is also designed to prevent jamming by snow chains left on the road.

Snow chain jam prevention mechanism (utility model)


Blows snow that has been gathered. Operator can adjust height and blowout angle at will.

Snow cutter

Cuts through snowbanks and snow.


The blades behind the auger rotate to blow up snow.

Fills up a 10 ton truck in 30 seconds

Operator's cab

Engine rotation and speed are controlled separately with a pedal-lever drive mode for greater efficiency. Features cutting-edge electronic technologies including a vehicle monitoring system.


Scrapes ice from the road surface, and levels the road after removing snow to create a smooth surface.

Engineering Department
Yoshihiko Umeda
Group Leader
Engineering Department
Hideki Hirayama
Team Leader
Engineering Department
Hiroshi Taniura

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